Our Philosophy

Inzen has two Core Values: Simplicity and Integrity.

This is our Philosophy and our Commitment.

A Digital Agency

We are a Digital Agency that promises to deliver Technical Harmony. We take the pain and confusion away from all things tech and replace it with peace.

Forward Thinking

We know that short-term thinking, cutting corners and relying on old habits doesn’t work for anyone. We will find the best solution for you and your business. Always.

Problem Solvers

We want a solid, healthy relationship with all of our clients. That is achieved by us truly fixing your problem and it staying fixed. So that’s what we do.

Customer Support

We pick up the phone with a few rings, every time. We are always available and enjoy being there for you as quickly as possible. It makes a difference.

Our Story

Inzen started from humble beginnings in a hot attic in Newtown. Since then, we have steadily grown, year on year, providing hundreds of SMEs around Australia and internationally with high quality, timely, effective solutions. We listen to our clients and deliver what they need. Since launching, Inzen has not done any active marketing – 100% of our business comes from referral and word of mouth.

  • Listening to the client 90% 90%
  • Creative Solutions 80% 80%
  • Fast, hard work 70% 70%
  • Customer Happiness 90% 90%