Platforms Used

Inzen is fluent in all these platforms. We can leverage their power to help you


WordPress is the world’s most-used Content Management System, powering almost 30% of all the world’s websites. Inzen is extremely proficient with WordPress, and uses it as a default for new web builds unless there is a good reason to use another platform.


Magento is the most sophisticated and feature-rich Open Source e-commerce system in the world. Incredibly powerful, it can do pretty much anything that a company needed in regards to selling online. Inzen are highly trained in Magento and can happily use it as a platform for your business.


Shopify is a very popular and user-friendly e-commerce system, especially tailored to allow people to set up a single e-commerce store, and then link it to a variety of sales channels, such as your website, social media accounts, eBay, and so on. Inzen know Shopify inside-out, so we can easily set you up and maintain your online store.


BigCommerce is a beautiful e-commerce system, enabling small to medium-size businesses to very easily showcase their products and present them stylishly with a whole range of stunning Themes. Inzen has set up a number of sites on BigCommerce, and can happily recommend it as a great platform.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is an invaluable online advertising medium where, with smart, tight ‘campaigns’, you can commit to an affordable weekly budget and tailor your ads to appear however you want and land wherever you want.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free, invaluable tool to know how many people are coming to your website, how long they’re staying there, what they’re looking at and from where they came. Inzen will help set up and train you on Google Analytics so you can use it easily.


The King of social media, Facebook can be an incredibly powerful tool for your business if you leverage it correctly. Whether it be Ads, visual posts, polls, promoting your products or services, or just giving your audience something for free to increase brand loyalty, Facebook can have a huge impact on your business.


Salesforce is the most recognise and used CRM in the world. Being Open Source, it is free, and highly configurable with thousands of plugins and additions to help tailor it exactly to your business’ needs. Ask Inzen to get your started, and plus Salesforce into your business.


Twitter has taken the world by storm with its revolutionary micro-blogging format. A unique way to communicate with your audience, and hear back from it, Twitter can be a sharp tool in your toolkit. Feel free to ask Inzen for advice on how to use it.


Instagram is all about sharing that perfect picture – the one image that showcases where you are and what you’re doing. Incredibly popular due to its quick and visual nature, Instagram is one of the the quickest growing social platforms in the world.


A lot of people aren’t sure on the difference between Pinterest and Instagram. Pinterest is all about collecting like groups of images, mostly other people’s, to group together a common theme for people who have an interest. This can create great brand loyatly if you generate a great Board that your market loves.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services dominates the online hosting world, having an army of services and tools available to cover everything from small business to global empire. Affordable, transparent and incredibly flexible, Amazon has everything you need hosting-wise. Ask Inzen for help.

Active Campaign

Active Campaign is quickly becoming a world leader in marketing automation and CRM. At a fraction of the price of competitors, with excellent support, features and documentation, Active Campaign is a must for any marketer wanting automation.


AdRoll is a best-of-class re-targeting mechanism, allowing you to send Ads to people who have visited your site, but not bought anything. AdRoll can do this over all major social networks and the web. A must for online selling.


TeamViewer is the most widely-used and popular remote access program, allowing effortless access to any device from anywhere. With bulletproof security, an array of amazing features, and quick, crisp viewing, TeamViewer is a great choice for anyone who wants to be able to access devices from afar.

Windows Server

Windows Server powers the vast majority of business systems, now with an even more impressive array of features, speed and security. Inzen is highly accomplished when it comes to Windows Server environments, and we can set up the perfect ecosystem for your business.


Microsoft took the game one step further with their latest version of Windows, Windows 10. Extremely fast, secure, user-friendly and feature-rich, Windows 10 is considered their best Operating System yet. Inzen happily rolls it out to all our clients.

Mac OS

Apple has been constantly re-inventing their Macintosh Operating System, MacOS, over the past decade. Now extremely mature, secure and user-friendly, more people than ever have Apple laptops and desktops for both personal and business use. We have Apple experts who can set you up exactly how you need.

Practice Evolve

Practice Evolve is an advanced Practice Management System for law offices in Australia. Inzen has a number of clients on Practice Evolve, and is familiar with the software and staff to enable easy installations, transitions and management.


Slack is a ground-breaking instant messaging service. Not because it’s incredibly feature-rich, but because it’s incredibly easy and pleasant to use. Slack can be used effectively for teams of 2 or teams of 2,000. Slack was used by the NASA team who sent the rovers to Mars, so if that doesn’t convince you, nothing will.

Microsoft Office (365)

Microsoft’s flagship online offering, Office 365, has continued to dominate the globe with its excellence. Fast, user-friendly, cost-effective and extremely feature-rich, Microsoft have delivered a truly brilliant business and personal tool. Inzen can help you transition, upgrade or maintain your Office 365.


VMWare is the world leader in Virtualisation – the ability to have a computer, server or other physical device as a software file, instantly transportable, secured, backed-up and configurable. Inzen uses VMWare on a daily basis and can help show you the incredible benefits of using it.


Needing no introduction, Dropbox is the undisputed leader of personal and small business online storage. If you either have or want to have Dropbox for your business, please let us know and we can help set it up properly.

G Suite (Google Apps)

Google’s ‘G Suite’ is a suite of free, online tools to allow a business to operating completely with no office software costs. With Gmail, Drive, Calendar and more, it allows instant office setup at no cost. Let Inzen know if you’re interested.


MailChimp is the leader of email marketing for small business. Cost-effective (free at low volumes), easy to use, sophisticated features, clear reports and a friendly interface, MailChimp is a no-brainer for startups to get email lists sending ASAP.


Synology specialises in Network-Attached-Storage (NAS), which simply means cheap, secure, portable, fast storage for your servers, network and workstations. Inzen uses Synology for most of its clients, expanding their storage capacity easily and at low cost.