About Our Team

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Peter Heery

Founder, CEO, Managing Director

Peter founded Inzen in 2004, and has been involved with every client and project since. With an Electrical Engineering degree, and I.T. background, he grew Inzen from its infancy, serving small and medium-size businesses in both the I.T. and web world. Now after 13 years and hundreds of completed projects, a team helps Peter continually provide exceptional support and growth to businesses.

  • Strategy and Direction 80% 80%
  • Account Management 70% 70%
  • Marketing and Programming 60% 60%
Dale Kim - Inzen's Creative, Media, Marketing & Advertising Diretor

Daniel Piccin

IT Programmer / Consultant

Daniel is a highly experienced Microsoft, Apple, Google and online I.T. Engineer, Web Developer and online marketer.

He brings his practical, friendly, no-nonsense attitude to Inzen and all Inzen’s clients.¬†


  • I.T. Engineer 90% 90%
  • Web Development 80% 80%
  • Online Marketing 60% 60%

Alex Drummond

I.T. Contractor

Alex is our true geek. He knows everything, and we mean everything about computers, servers, networking, firewalls, security, mobile, you name it. Alex has deep and comprehensive skills in Apple, UNIX, bash, python and Ruby skills, while in parallel  has been designing and administering Windows environments for over ten years Рeverything from small businesses with 10 users up to complex multi-site domains with thousands of users. He is also an expert in Cisco, Security and Wifi for both the public and private sectors across Australia.

  • Mac Engineer 100% 100%
  • Windows Engineer 80% 80%
  • Network Engineer 70% 70%

Timely Support

Inzen prides itself on being contactable and responding quickly. Your time is precious, we realise that.

Innovative Ideas

We thrive on creative ways to solve problems. Hearing your thoughts, fully understanding the issue, then using our grey matter to provide new solutions is what we do.

Advanced Technology

We hover at the ‘bleeding edge’ of technology. We love knowing what’s about to arrive, and then using it as soon as it’s available. This means we can advise you and give you the edge you need.

Clear Communication

We speak ‘Plain English’. We don’t benefit from baffling you. We want you to come away from every communication satisfied and knowing we’re on the same page.

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